Looting Govt./Our Money by running Fake news paper Vijayabhanu-Visakhapatnam

Respected Sir, 
Please read and help poor hardworking formers.
Indian government is asking Media (News paper) to participate in Corruption Prevention and giving many benefits to the Media. We are here to bring it to your notice about the news papers in Visakhapatnam, which are encouraging bribe and corrupting the various government departments viz. DAVP, Railways, electricity board, Vizag Steel, Municipal office, Mandal offices to benefit themselves and to loot govt./public money.

We hope you have 10 minutes of time to understand how the public money (Your money) is getting loot by the Fraud Media person and how the poor formers are harassed with power & money. Kindly take the responsibility to prevent, fight with the corruptive media person and also save poor and middle class formers from this corruptive business man.

The managing director of Vijayabhanu daily is having assets worth of 70 crore rupees as per market value, who was not owning a house 20 year back. Yearly 80 lakhs of govt. /public money is getting loot by Vijayabhanu daily M.D thru the fraud news paper.
Asset Details of B.Chandrasekhar:
Ø  50 acres land in Tagarapalasa near Vizag, on the way to Vijayanagaram (Market value 20 crores)
Ø  Vijayabhanu Building-Vijayabhanu press + Royal Residency, Pithapuram colony (Market value 15 crores)
Ø  A Luxurious guest house near Beemily in 2 acres land near Vizag (Market value 10 crores)
Ø  A Hotel in Prakasarao peta, Vizag (Vijayabhanu Hotel – Market value 20 crores or above)
Ø  A luxury Duplex House and two luxury Cars (Market value 2 crore or above)
Ø  40 acres mango farm lands with guest house in Nethakuppam village near Tirupathi, A.P. (Market value 2 crores)
Ø  2 Flats in Hyderabad and Plots on benamies in Vizag (on his wife brother) and many more.
Ø  Gold and Silver Ornaments – worth of 1 crore or above.
Complete Details about Fraud News Paper Business: 
Any News paper will earn money from government advertisements. The amount for government ads will be decided by the DAVP (Directorate of advertising & Visual publicity) basing on the circulation of the news paper per day.

The news paper Vijayabhanu daily head quartered in Visakhapatnam shows 60,000+ news paper circulations to DAVP, but they print only max 2000 news papers per day to circulate in various government offices to show that the advertisement given by them is published and should give more advertisements to our news paper.

As the responsible government individuals in DAVP are bribed with a share of 40 & 60 percent on every advertisement (40% as bribe and 60% to publication), there is no one to bother at all on the circulation and priority for giving advertisements to these fraud news paper is more as everyone is getting benefitted.

As this news paper is established with necessary technical requirements, in case of riding by DAVP vigilance, they print 60,000 papers and transport them to godown for that day or two.
 Now this publication slowly established their branches in other small towns of A.P. viz  Vijayawada, Srikakulam, Kakinada, Karimnagar, Warangal, Rajamundry, Tirupathi etc. showing circulation of 15000 news papers per day so as to increase their income thru this corruptive publication business. Paper will be printed in Vizag having future date (next day’s date) on the paper and sent to the mentioned branches by bus/train to circulate in necessary government offices, so that no one can question why paper is late or not delivered. But officially there will be an agreement with the local printer to handle vigilance rides and for documentation purpose to get registered with DAVP/PCI. After some years slowly the new branches will also become 60,000 circulation and then loot money in crores.

As said above, though the respective department knows about this fraud business, the managing director of this news paper, maintain it by bribing concerns in DAVP & PCI. If any official refuses to take bribe and don’t favor them, then as shown in movies the managing director of publication will impact their personal lives. The same bribe policy (40-60 percent share) is successfully implemented in Railways, Vizag Steel, electricity board and various departments of government to get the advertisements.

All the money earned thru this fraud news paper business is black money and this will be converted to white money by showing the fake income certificates from Farm lands. This is again by bribing respective MRO of the Mandal. Also several lakh rupees were given as gift money to managing director and family by the person who is a rice ration card holder (the servant of news paper M.D or relatives) So that the black money will be converted into white and no need to pay tax and show source of income to government.

With this black money, they are buying weapons (rifles) and becoming as dons of Vizag, Black mailing poor formers if they are not intended to sell their forming lands to these corruptive media persons.
Apart from the above, this fraud news paper is getting benefits from government in various forms like free land for publication (by making poor house less- this is so pity on humanity), loans at very low interest rates as part of encouragement to small scale industries. Multi story buildings are constructed in the land given by government and created lodges, rented to other business (this is another way to convert the black money to regular money).The loan amount with less interest rate taken from government., will be used in micro financing at very high interest rates and harassing middle class and poor people if they are unable to repay in different ways.

Can’t government take action on this fraud news paper business and save public money as well as poor and middle class farmers from the corruptive media person???

We hope the government authorities can easily prove that the Vijayabhanu news paper headquartered in Vizag doesn’t have the circulation of 60000+ papers per day and it is a fraud news paper looting public money. Please take action on M.D of Vijayabhanu and save public money, middleclass people from him. Also recover the assets earned thru the fraud business.

Guys add your comments as well and provide your support, to save our Nation and participate in building corruption free India.

One can see the List of news papers from A.P that are registered with DAVP and their circulation details at
To see the business amount thru DAVP of each publication visit
Conclusion: We are passing this information to all respected govt. authorities by e-mail or post, we hope action will be taken on this corruptive business man.
Address: # Vijayabhanu, 9 - 3 - 17, Pithapuram Colony, Maddilapalem, Visakhapatnam – 530013.
Land line: 0891-2564353, Cell: 9866119799,
Vijayabhanu, #502, ANH Apartments,beside Forbes school, Redhills, Lakdikapool, Hyderabad.

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